Glass Is Showing Cracks – Box Office Breakdown (Feb 3rd, 2019)

What films beat the box office?! Who’s in the lead and who’s heading out!? Find out on Box Office Breakdown.

Popcorn Talk proudly presents a weekly vodcast series that breaks down the US domestic numbers for the three day weekend and gives you Cineplex’s winners and losers. It’s Popcorn Talk’s Box Office Breakdown. In this episode the new Box Office Breakdown Crew discuss numbers for January 20th, 2019!

Also the panel goes over their weekly rewind for a specific actor who’s movie will be hitting theaters next week.

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Expanding to a handful of key markets this weekend,
Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your
Dragon: The Hidden World swooped into the top spot on
the international box office chart with a $40.2Mframe. This
lifts the overseas running total to $84.4M from 41 markets so
far in release. Universal took a long lead on Dragon
3 offshore, going out in Australia just after the New Year to
take advantage of the peak summer holiday season there
Bowing in 23 international markets this session, the Dean
DeBlois-directed HTTYD3was No. 1 in 20 of those new homes.
It played like a fury in Mexico with $7.7M at 865 locations for
the biggest launch weekend ever of a DWA title. The UK
bowed to $6.8M at No. 1 and ahead of both prior installments.
Italy is also tracking well ahead of those two movies while
Brazil’s hold was a terrific -27% at No. 1 for $10.3M after three
frames. Oz leads all play at $15.5M.

Last week’s offshore leader, M Night Shyamalan’s Glass —
which Disney is releasing abroad — dipped 49% in the 3rd
session. It added $12.2M in 54 markets for an overseas cume
of $110.3M, still running marginally below the previous
Eastrail 177 trilogy entry, Split. The worldwide total will pass
$200M once today’s actuals are finalized, or with tomorrow’s
Behind Glass, five-time Oscar nominee Green Book, which is
going out internationally via a mix of Lionsgate and Amblin
Partners, had a combined $11.9Mweekend for a $25.5M cume
to date.
China has helped push Fox’s Deadpool 2 ahead of the
original Deadpool’s worldwide gross.
With $784Mglobal, DP2 is now the highest-grossing film in
the X-Men franchise.
It’s also worth highlighting the China performance of
Sony’s Escape Roomwhere the reported $9M budget pic has
now grossed $33.5M after three weekends. The week-to-week
drop was just 17%. While there hasn’t been much new blood
ahead of the February 5 holiday, the performance is notable in
that few mystery-thrillers like this see the inside of movie
theaters in China. That has raised curiosity along with a
cultural resonance given the popularity of escape rooms in the
big cities.
In milestones, Warner Bros’ Aquaman has topped $1.1B global
($783.4M international) and opens in Japan on Friday. Also
from WB, Creed II topped $200M global this round while
Disney’s Ralph Breaks The Internet has now surpassed the
original Wreck-It Ralph both domestically and internationally

as it closes in on $500M global.

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