Gerald White Discusses Vocal Coaching and the Behind The Scenes of Aladdin on iTalk Movies

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Join Kanika Lal as she sits with Gerald White!

Gerald White is a prolific singer/songwriter, accomplished pianist and teacher based in Los Angeles, CA. Gerald’s Voice is currently heard on Frozen, GLEE, Family Guy, Jack In The Box, Microsoft, Pacific Rim and more….. Other projects include Spiderman, X-Men, Maze Runner and Dawn Of Planet Of The Apes. As a songwriter and composer, Gerald’s music can be heard on LOGO, House Of Lies and around the world with charted hits in The Netherlands and Germany. With over 25 years teaching experience, Gerald has managed to build a successful studio in Santa Monica, CA focusing on vocal health and making a living as a singer. Member and certified under IVA, Institute for Vocal Advancement. He is a classically trained pianist, national finalist and has this skill which is a great addition to his vocal studio as a teacher. Gerald is currently the Local & National Chair of the SAG-AFTRA SInger Committees.