Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents The Unproduced Table Read, a weekly Vodcast series featuring Hollywood’s best unproduced pilot and movie scripts read by professional actors, accompanied exclusive writer interviews and insight!
Though it struggled in ratings, Peter Berg’s television adaptation of his own 2004 movie FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, is considered to be one of the best network dramas of the 2000s. It won Peabody Award, a Humanitas Prize, a Television Critics Association award, several Emmys, and was recently voted by the WGA to be one of the top 100 most well-written shows in the history of the medium. On the show, noted cultural critic Alan Sepinwall offers, “Few shows are as willing to so directly confront the emotions of its characters, aided by central performances — as one of TV’s most realistic and loving couples — from Chandler and Connie Britton. Every week it travels to a desperate, desolate West Texas town and finds untold beauty and strength in the people who live there.” Today, we take on the original draft of the show’s pilot, and weigh in
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