Cosplay Coach Ep. 6 – Mad Max Costume Design

The Popcorntalk Network proudly presents The Cosplay Coach! In depth costume breakdowns on your favorite films and cinematic works alongside tips and tricks on how to create your own Cosplay! Meredith (@mplacko), Emma (@emmafyfe), Alana (@alanajordan), and special guest Andrew Vogel (Vonfogel) host The Cosplay Coach this week! Get your football pads ready and gear up for this week’s Cosplay Coach! We’re getting mad in here – not angry, but crazy with Mad Max Fury Road coming out this week. We talk the costumes from George Miller’s post apocalyptic rock opera and how you can gear up for the end of the world. Guest Andrew Fogel (League of Steam) joins us to talk shop and cars! Articles of Interest:

Interview with costume designer Jenny Beavan:

Mad Max Fury Road article from Cosplay Coach theme song by Niko Makaris Costume Designer: Jenny Beavan Pic001 - Mad Max Poster Pic002 - Max Jacket Pic003 - Toecutter’s Gang Pic003b - Toecutter’s Gang Pic004 - Mad Max 2 Armor Pic005 - Mad Max Warrior Woman Pic006 - Tina's Gang Pic007 - Fury Road Pic008 - Road Warrior Pic009 - Road Warrior Pic010 - Shoulder Pads Pic012 - Tina and Max Pic013 - Max Fury Pic014a Pic014b Pic014c Pic014d Pic014e Pic014f Pic015 Pic016 Pic017 Pic018a Pic018b Pic018c Pic018d Pic018e Pic018f Pic018g Pic019b Pic019c Pic019d Pic019e Pic020 Pic021 Pic022 Pic023 Pic024a Pic024b Pic025 - Interceptor Pic026 - War Rig Pic027 - Plymouth Rock Pic028 - The Mack Pic029 - Peacemaker Pic030 - Gigahorse