Cosplay Coach Ep. 5 – The Fifth Element Costume Design

The Popcorntalk Network proudly presents The Cosplay Coach! In depth costume breakdowns on your favorite films and cinematic works alongside tips and tricks on how to create your own Cosplay! Meredith (@mplacko), Emma (@emmafyfe), and Alana (@alanajordan) host The Cosplay Coach this week! Jean Paul Gaultier is known for pushing the boundaries of fashion, so it’s no wonder when Luc Besson was looking for a designer for his space opera The Fifth Element, he brought on L’Enfant Terrible himself to create the looks for Korben, Leeloo and their motley crew. Today on Cosplay Coach, we’ll show you what goes into creating some of the coolest outfits in space. Also, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in June 19-21, so tune in to find out how! We break it all down in this episode of Cosplay Coach! Articles of Interest: From “On This Day in Fashion” – The Fifth Element: A Comic Book Future Designed by Gaultier: – awesome article with lots of specifics about the costumes Cosplay Coach theme song by Niko Makaris Costume Designer: Jean Paul Gaultier