Chappie (Neill Blomkamp / Hugh Jackman) | Anatomy of a Movie

Anatomy of a Movie hosts discuss Chappie, the 2015 Neill Blomkamp movie. Chappie (stylized as CHAPPiE) is an American science fiction film directed by Neill Blomkamp. The screenplay, written by Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell, is based on Blomkamp’s 2004 short film Tetra Vaal. The film stars Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman and Watkin Tudor Jones and Yolandi Visser of the South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord. The film premiered in New York City on March 4, 2015 and released in U.S cinemas on March 6, 2015.