Brian Beacock – Acting Dead | On The Fly Filmmaking

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Host & Producer Marielou Mandl (@MarielouMandl) interview filmmakers and actor, Brian Beacock. In this interview he discusses his short comedy film series “Acting Dead” and his process of making his film on the fly!


Acting Dead is a satirical dark comedy about the world of Hollywood zombies, and not just the ones leaving their Botox appointments in Beverly Hills. What if your acting career took a urn for the worse and the only way to be cast in the ever-growing number of zombie-based TV shows and movies was to… actually become one? Welcome to the afterlife of Tate and Alex, both struggling to get y living in their new skin, or what’s left of it. But life doesn’t slow down just because your heart stopped and sometimes you have to go six fet under to get to the top. Imagine Arrested Development meets Shawn of the Dead.