Batman Vs. Superman Synopsis, New Trailer, & New Flash Suit!! – DC Movie News #35 (July 23rd, 2015)

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents DC Movie News! In this vodcast series hosts Jonny Loquasto, Adam Gertler, and Roxy Striar – as the name implies – discuss all things DC related. This Week, DC News is BACK STRONG! with some great new news to wet your whistle! First up, the official synopsis of BVS has been revealed, as well as a new IMAX trailer and photos! What’s this? Suicide Squad trailer has more views than BVS?! Also in TV news, Green Lantern Corps may mean there will not be an appearance in Flash or Arrow. The new season 2 Flash suit is revealed, Michael Chiklis is joining GOTHAM, and is Supergirl going to introduce Lucy Lane!? Follow Jonny Loquasto on Twitter! Follow Adam Gertler on Twitter! Follow Roxy Striar on Twitter!