Bad Boys For Life… is a Guilty Movie Pleasure

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On this week’s Guilty Movie Pleasures… Bad Boys Bad Boys Whatcha gonna do? The third Bad Boys film has hit theaters and we are breaking it down! Ben Begley is out this week, but Jesse McIntosh is leading the show with guest innergeekdom Brandon Hanna

Join Jesse McIntosh and Brandon Hanna as they do the plot in 3 minutes, share their favorite moments from the film, AND determine whether or not the film is bad guilty, tolerantly guilty, OR good guilty! Follow Ben and Jesse on Twitter here: @TheBenBegley @TooMuchJesse
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Join us each week as Ben Begley and Jesse McIntosh breakdown your favorite films, ranging from the classics to the unknown hidden pile of gems; it’s all here under one banner… GUILTY MOVIE PLEASURES!

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