Andrew Russo – JACKALS – Director Of Photography | On The Fly Filmmaking

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Host & Producer Marielou Mandl (@MarielouMandl) interviews Director Of Photography, Andrew Russo!

Andrew is an award winning cinematographer who shoots features, commercials, and music videos. A proud recipient of the ASC’s prestigious Heritage award, Andrew’s work has earned a Student Emmy and has screened in numerous festivals. In 2015, Andrew won Best Cinematography at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase for the feature film Girl on the Edge. His commercial clients have included Google, Powerball Lottery, Coca-Cola, Ford, IBM, BP, GE, Toyota, Starbucks, Pepsi, University of Phoenix, Motorola, EA Sports, US Bank, Toms Shoes, Lexus, Nintendo-Wii, Nike, and Microsoft. He has also had the distinguished pleasure of working with Julia Roberts, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Lawrence, David Oyelowo, Orlando Bloom, P Diddy, Eva Longoria, Will Ferrell, Julia Ormond, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Melissa McCarthy, Mickey Rourke, Ron Howard, Kevin Hart, Russell Simmons, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Terry Bradshaw, Warren Moon, and Joe Namath.

Born and raised in downtown Chicago, Andrew received his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in international relations before receiving his Masters Degree from the University of Southern California in Film production. Andrew currently resides in Los Angeles, California.