Alan K. Rode, Producer – I Blame Dennis Hopper

“I Blame Dennis Hopper” is film aficionado and historian Illeana Douglas’ vodcast featuring exclusive interviews, discussion, and topical commentary from one of the industry’s most respected artists.

 ABOUT Alan K. Rode: 

Alan K. Rode is a writer, historian, actor and producer. A cinematic Renaissance man, he has written acclaimed biographies of legendary director Michael Curtiz and tough guy actor Charles McGraw while creating essays and profiles for a variety of cinema based publications.

Alan is a charter director of the Film Noir Foundation and the producer-host of the annual Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs, California. He has programmed and hosted classic cinema events across the country while providing commentary tracks for DVD/blu-ray vintage film releases.

He frequently appears as an expert commentator in a variety of films, documentaries and special features including TCM’s Filmstruck streaming site and has progressed into producing documentary featurettes. Videos of Alan’s numerous interviews with classic film personages may be viewed at his website.

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