Ben Kliewer @benkliewer, Jim Frye @conguyjim, Luke Cheeseman @CheeseOnCouch, Derek Samms @ConGuyDerek, Katie Kawamoto @kt_christine
Guest: Diandra Lazor @sassysledgehammer (Instagram)
Chucky’s back—thanks to Luke Skywalker. And so is Freddy Kreuger, SORT OF. On tonight’s show, we discuss the brand-new Child’s Play trailer and a new documentary and video series featuring everyone’s favorite knife-fingered child killer, FREDDY KREUGER! Long live schlocky 80s horror!

Popcorn Talk Network, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “The ScareGuys Horror Show”. Breaking down some of the best horror films and aspects of the Genre leading up to Halloween!

It’s our 2018 year in review—we review the best films, TV, events, and haunts. PLUS, we preview some of new Christmas haunted attractions of the holiday season. This week on the final Scare Guy show of the year.

Ben Kliewer @benkliewer, Jim Frye @jimfryela, Derek Samms @conguyderek
Guest: Katie Kawamoto @kt_christine, Jake Thomas @jthummus

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