John Massari – Composer – Killer Klowns from Outer Space | On The Fly Filmmaking

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Host & Producer Marielou Mandl (@MarielouMandl) interviews Composer, John Massari!


Composer John Massari’s musical imprint has been all over film and television for the past 30 years. It
all started with a triple feature at a movie theater when he was six, which taught John that “music is like
magic – it can transform you in ways that are indescribable”.

After studying at UCLA, John worked for and was mentored by David Rose, Jerry Fielding and later
Mark Snow. John began composing for television, first at Hanna-Barbara working on some of their
classic cartoons like JONNY QUEST, THE SMURFS, and RICHIE RICH, and later at Walt Disney
Studios working on THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY. For almost 10 years, he composed
music for one of HBO’s first original series, THE RAY BRADBURY THEATER.

While working on THE RAY BRADBURY THEATER, John was invited to audition to compose music for
what would be the movie he is best known for, the 1988 cult classic KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER
SPACE. This May 2018 will be the 30 th anniversary of the release of KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER
SPACE – John will be headlining a special celebration of the film with a live-to- film concert of the score.
John has created music for iconic brands such as Disney, HBO, MGM and Sony Pictures, composed
for a number of TV series, made-for- TV movies and worked extensively with Sparkhill Productions on
documentary features about epic Hollywood films and legendary performers. His upcoming projects
include the comedy/horror film CHEROKEE CREEK, indie film CRUEL HEARTS, and the feature length
VR film JESUS VR: THE STORY OF CHRIST. His music continues to be heard on TV shows like THE