WonderCon 2020: How To Have A Full-Time Creative Career On A Part-Time Schedule | The Con Guy

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This week, we feature the incredible panel HOW TO HAVE A FULL-TIME CREATIVE CAREER ON A PART-TIME SCHEDULE, which has been a feature at both Wondercon and San Diego Comic-Con for over 10 years. It’s for people who are striving to create space in their lives for full-time creative pursuits—whether in geek or pop culture—while still maintaining a “day job” and juggling everyday responsibilities. It covers group management, time management, exposure, and pitfalls, and encourages participants to network with one another, work with one another, and support each other. It also helps to answer that question: When do I quite my day job to pursue my creative career full-time?


  1. Derek Samms @ConGuyDerek
  2. Luke Cheeseman
  1. Topher Davila 
  2. Rena Wolzinger 
  3. Gene Turnbown 
  4. Sean Gluman

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