In a year where America has never been more divided and stressed, Comic-Con@Home Can brings us all together!

Written by: Ryan Nilsen – July 26th, 2020 2:19 pm pst

Credit: Comic-Con

For 50 years, comic-book fans from all over have congregated at Comic-Cons with the top dog being San Diego Comic-Con. Similar to nearly every large gathering event in a Covid-19 America, SDCC 2020 is completely online this weekend! Though the experience is absolutely not the same as it has been in years past, this year is the most important Comic Con to date.

The societal view around pop-culture fandom has drastically changed over the past 15 years. Superfans of Iron Man, Batman, Aquaman, and Star Wars used to be the nerdy opposition outnumbered by the rest of society and now they are the majority with hundreds of comic book stories being produced for film and TV each year. The passionate fandom for these stories have always brought people together and in the year where America has really never been more divided both physically and culturally, we need comic con more than ever.

The San Diego Convention Center tweeted out this video on Tuesday earlier this week specifically for the fans who were going to physically attend this year’s con (see video below)

They make an incredible point saying “We are the building but YOU ARE COMIC-CON”. Comic-Con has never really been about the location, or the announcements, the sculptures, the costumes, the panels, souvenirs, lines, exclusives, posters, claps, cheers, even surprises! It has always been about the people.


This is a link to this entire weekend’s schedule! There are a lot of exciting panels being streamed via YouTube including Popcorn Talk’s own special Power Ranger Panel airing this Sunday at 3pm PST with guests Davi Santos, Jack Guzman, Claire Blackwelder, William Shewfelt, Jazz Baduwalia, and hosted by The Con Guy’s very own Ben Kliewer!

Fans have been vocal about how much they miss seeing all of the people that they would have ran into at SDCC on Twitter, but social media has also been the prime outlet to share reactions to all of the incredible announcements coming out this weekend!

Let’s all enjoy Comic-Con@Home Together and dream about how amazing it is going to be to be back at that Convention Center soon!

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Ryan Nilsen is the head of the Popcorn Talk Network as well as a host/producer for AfterBuzz TV. He has 4 years of Television and Filmmaking experience, starting in production on Daytime talkshows in New York City and Philadelphia.

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