Walkaway Joe star Julian Feder talks about working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and David Strathairn, learning how to be a pool shark, building skateboards in quarantine and more!

Written by: Trina Dong – May 8th, 2020 12:41pm pst

PTN iTalk Movies: Julian Feder

Actor Julian Feder joined us for our iTalk Movies series on the Popcorn Talk Network. We talked about his film Walkaway Joe, where he stars alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan and David Strathairn, which is available on Friday, May 8 on VOD. 

Walkaway Joe is the story of an unlikely friendship between Dallas (Feder) and Joe (Strathairn), who go on an adventure for redemption. In the film, Dallas follows in his father Cal’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) footsteps as a pool shark. 

We needed to know what it was like to prepare for the role, where he ended up doing his own pool stunts. 

“After I got the part, I spent several months just practicing with a coach. I got a pool table at my house,” he shared. “When we started pre-production, I started working with another guy, Joe Aguzin, the pool consultant on the film, for another month.”

As we mentioned, Julian’s co-stars in this film are nothing shy of movie stars. We asked him what he learned from working with Morgan and Strathairn on set. 

“I would say just being around them. Seeing how they act, seeing how they look at a scene, how they prepare to do a scene, it’s incredible.”

The film is filled with highly emotional scenes, especially for Julian’s character. He shared what his most challenging scene to shoot was. 

“There’s a scene where I’m on the bed in the motel room with my father,” he said. “I had to be emotional in that scene and just with my character’s relationship with his father in general.”

Like the rest of us, Julian is doing his best to keep himself busy in isolation. The quarantine hobbies he’s taken on are quite the feats. 

“I‘ve been glass blowing,” Julian explained. “I’m also building skateboards and I’m trying to build a motorcycle, but I’ll see how that goes.”

Well, that sure makes my adult coloring book that I agonize over look silly. We believe in you, Julian!

To end our conversation, Julian gave some advice to any actors chasing their dreams. 

“Just keep on going,” he shared. “You’re going to have a hundred thousand auditions and you just gotta keep on going because you won’t get most of them, but you’ll get one or two. Keep going through that until you get those.”

That’s such good advice that applies to so many facets of life. It was a pleasure chatting with Julian. Make sure to check out Walkaway Joe available on VOD now! You can see our full interview here. 

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