TOP 6 Disney Halloween Movies of ALL TIME

Written by: Chae’ Jones – October 31st, 2019 6:43am PT

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Hello all you witches, wizards, ghosts and ghouls! We decided to take a look back at some of Disney Channel’s best Halloween movies of all time. We’re gonna rank the top 6!

#6 Phantom of the Megaplex: Working at the movie theater seems like a lot of fun. Free movies, seeing your friends and the smell of buttery popcorn! However, this movie theater seems to be haunted by a phantom determined to ruin a famous movie premiere that comes to town! Pete Riley is a hardworking teenager but acts more grown up than his age and is an assistant manager at the 26-screen megaplex in his neighborhood, but when some staff goes missing, equipment goes haywire and the popcorn machine is broken it seems there’s a mysterious phantom sabotaging the theaters big night, as if he doesn’t have enough to worry about he has to babysit his younger siblings. Pete does learn the importance of enjoying his childhood and not trying to grow up so fast.

#5 Scream Team: Before Tommy Davidson was Oscar Proud, and… Kathy Nigini left Mary Sanderson as dust they both teamed up to rid a ghost from terrorizing an entire town on Halloween and with help from a young Kat Dennings. Ian and Claire move to their dad’s hometown after their grandfather passed away and stumbles on a soul retrieval center and encounter to reunite our ghoulish ghost with his long lost love! Zachariah is bent on revenge on the town that accused him of murdering his wife and burning him at the stake and after 200 years he is beyond furious. When they discover the truth behind Zachariah’s death its a race against time to tell the truth before he can destroy the town….

#4 Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire: All kids want their parents to be happy, especially so they can get out of being grounded for the night. When the kids set their mom up with a date through a newspaper ad, they had no idea that man could turn out to be a real life vampire! When Adam and Chelsea, don’t believe their younger brother Taylor, he calls Malachi Van Helsing the vampire hunter. Racing against the clock to save their mom before sunup, they must follow her and try to get rid of Dimitri which as you can imagine going up against a vampire is tough. Starring Caroline Rhea from Sydney to the Max and Robert Carradine from Lizzie McGuire…

#3 Twitches: When twin sisters separated at birth are reunited on Halloween, they not only get a sister but learn they are witches from another dimension. Played by twin sisters by Tia and Tamera Mowry, Cam and Alex were prophesized that on their 21st Birthday they would return to Conventry and save the kingdom. Which is a lot of responsibility to have and come to terms with. Ultimately, the girls learn the one thing that can truly drive out the darkness is love, their love for their family and friends and especially each other.

#2 Don’t look Under The Bed: One of Disney Channel’s Halloween movies that gave me nightmares as a kid. As kids we all had imaginary friends that we played with that only we could see…But did you ever wonder what happened to them when you forgot? Well in this case when Danny’s imaginary friend can be seen by only his sister, Francis who is being tormented by an unknown boogeyman which is what happens to imaginary friends sometimes when their kids stop believing in them. And what happens to Larry slowly but with Francis help she is able to stop the boogeyperson who turns out to be her old imaginary friend Zoey. Like Larry says, “Just because your growing up, doesn’t mean you have to get old.”

#1 Halloweentown: Marnie Cromwell has always felt like the odd one out in her family…She loves everything out of the ordinary and loves Halloween. After hearing her mom and grandmother fight, she stowaways to Halloweentown with her grandmother in another dimension there she learns that she is actually a real witch. Now, Halloweentown is a place where it’s Halloween everyday and where witches, monsters, ghosts and more live in harmony. When it turns out that Kalabar, the town mayor wants to return Halloweentown to its former “glory” where the don’t live in fear of the humans and they will rule. It will take all of the Cromwell witches and warlock to defeat Kalabar’s evil plan. Starring Kimberly J. Brown and the late great Debbie Reynolds.

That’s our Top 6 Disney Channel Halloween movies! Think we got it right? Or do you have a different ranking? Let us know in the comments below.

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