Tia Carrere Names Her Two Favorite Movies of 2019!

Written by: Ryan Nilsen – February 5th, 2020 4:13pm PT

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Tia Carrere isn’t just a movie actress, she’s also a movie buff, and she says this year had some of the best movies of all time!

Carrere guested on an episode of The Film Scene with Illeana Douglas to talk about her favorites. She is best known for her work in Wayne’s World, True Lies, and recently AJ and the Queen on Netflix.

Wayne’s World. Credit: NBC Films

Tia mentioned that she had seen a lot of movies this past year but that two stuck out from the rest.

“Two of the best movies of recent history,” said Carrere. “I can’t think of two other movies that come even close; Parasite and the Joker. I, cause, I was like um, Marvel movie well, holy cow! Um, both of those films really hit me, and I was, I couldn’t even think, uh, you know, a close second to those. I can’t remember a movie that I enjoyed, enjoyed is a bad word, but, you know, just was effected by, that really stayed with you after watching it.”

The South Korean film Parasite can make history this year being the first foreign language film to win Best Picture while Joker is the most nominated film of 2019 and most nominated comic book film of all-time.

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