The Rock Battled Motion Sickness Filming Hobbs & Shaw Car Chase

8/1/19 8:57PM

If you’ve ever watched any of the Fast & Furious movies, you’re probably aware there’s a little bit of computer-generated imagery, or CGI. But there’s one series in the upcoming Hobbs & Shaw movie that’s CGI for a hilarious reason.

Jason Statham says The Rock had to be CGI’d for motion sickness!

“When he was in the McClaren [shown during a chase scene in the trailer], he wasn’t actually in the McClaren,” revealed Statham to Kevin McCarthy.

Maybe that’s why The Rock is pictured next to a motorcycle in the promo pics.

The McClaren 720S boasts 720 horsepower, goes 0-60mph in just 2.3 seconds, and tops out at 215mph! However, according to Statham, The Rock can’t handle going anywhere near that fast.

“He gets very nauseous when we’re going rather fast ’cause he’s used to driving these lumbering trucks so anything over 30 miles an hour he gets a little nauseous. He gets highly motion sick. So we had to CG The Rock into the McClaren,” said Statham.

To be fair, it’s probably a rather tight squeeze for The Rock’s 6’5″ 260 pound frame to fit into the car, meaning comfort likely isn’t ideal. “His ass is too big to get in the seat,” confirms Statham.

Just imagine all the people watching the movie, jealous of Dwayne Johnson being in a $300,000 sports car, only to know he can’t even enjoy it.

After The Rock’s tweets about his movie junket being the fun one, Statham just had to get some digs in himself.

“Your tummy alright? Yeah? Your belly ok? Go and have a lie down. Thirty miles an hour? Have a drink of water. Go and have a little sleep,” joked Statham.

We can’t wait to go see Hobbs & Shaw to see the car sequence with The Rock and Statham. The movie is in theaters everywhere August 2nd.