The Notebook starring Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling is returning to Netflix and here are our 5 top romantic scenes that’s a must watch.

Written by: Danica Creahan – July 19th, 2020 5:29 pm  pst

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The Notebook is coming back to Netflix on July 18, just in time for a second round of quarantine (depending on which state you’re in) So as we all stay at home either lonely or squabbling with our lockdown partners, let’s take a look back at the movie’s most romantic moments!

Number Five : Dancing in the Street on Their First Date

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After the couple decide to walk home to grab some alone time away from their friends and end up lying in the middle of the road, Noah asks Allie to dance in the street with him to absolutely no music. Love makes you do some silly things. 

Number Four: Noah Building Allie Her Dream House (Even After She Sort of Dumps Him)

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After spending the summer in love, Noah brings Allie to the abandoned mansion that he plans on buying and rebuilding for them. Allie enthusiastically lets him know she’d like, “A white house with blue shutters and a room overlooking the river so I can paint.” The night ends with Allie, pressured by her parents, breaking things off with Noah. But regardless of that, he delivers on her requests in a labor of love. 

Number Three: The Iconic Boat Ride and Subsequent Rain Storm Make-out Session

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When Allie returns just to “check in” on Noah, the two set out on what may be the most romantic boat ride in cinematic history, and inevitably get caught in a storm so strong it makes their feelings pour out as heavy as the rain. Let’s be honest, we all knew their reunion was inevitable the second we saw this many swans…  

Number Two: Noah Writing Allie 365 Letters

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One for every day of the first year they were apart. If only her mother hadn’t intercepted them from Allie as a young girl. Nevertheless, she saves them in a stack and they play perhaps the largest role in aiding Allie in her decision to break things off with her fiance and return to Noah for good. I can’t recall the last time I’ve written or received a romantic letter… does an email containing the sentence, “hope you’re staying safe!” count?

5 Times Email Would Have Saved The Day In Romantic Movies ...

Number One: Noah Reading to Allie to Help Her Memory

When Older Noah Tells Their CHILDREN That Allie Is His Home | Old ...

While within the story of the notebook there are plenty of heart-wrenchingly romantic gestures, the biggest show of love is in Noah recounting the story itself. While watching the film, It’s easy to forget the bittersweet context in which we’re learning of Allie and Noah’s story. But Noah showing up every day for Allie and patiently retelling their love story in the hopes of bringing her back to him is the grandest romantic gesture of them all. 

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We can’t wait to rewatch one of the most romantic movies of all time this weekend as we all stay safely at home either by ourselves or with a partner! 

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