Director David Fincher, the auteur behind Fight Club, Seven, The Social Network, Zodiac, and Gone Girl, provides the perfect movie to meditate on your own personal reality and the human experience as a whole. Featuring the talents of Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Taraji P. Henson, Tilda Swinton, Mahershala Ali, and more! This is The Universal Theme with Keagen Fritz

Written by: Keagen Fritz – June 25th, 2020 10:17am pst

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a movie that touches a deep nerve every time I sit down to watch it.  When the credits roll, I feel as if I’ve lived a full and exciting life.  It’s this remarkable ability to showcase an entire life’s journey, while still giving respect to all the miraculous details that encompass it, that pulls me back time after time. It’s a film that reaches the very core of what it means to be human. 

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The “curious” in the title refers to Benjamin’s condition of aging backward, but it could also point to his approach to life. Believing he was in his final years, while actually being in his earliest ones, changed how he interacted with the idea of living a life. When he asked his adopted mother how much time he had left, her response was only to “Just be thankful for what you’re given.” A life with such a fate seems destined for misery, but instead, every second was a precious gift for Benjamin that he knew he couldn’t waste.  

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The first section of the story then emphasizes the fleeting nature of life. As his body ages backward through time and becomes more able, his life philosophy was only reinforced further, leaving him a refreshing taste of optimism mixed with a healthy serving of possibility for the future as he set off into the world. 

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It’s no surprise then that his life ended up being an exciting adventure filled with troves of rewarding memories. This isn’t anything new or special in fiction, as often our protagonists live engaging lives. What is special, however, is how much trust Benjamin has for his way of life. He has chosen for himself the life purpose of curious exploration above all, and no outside force is going to discredit that nor lead him astray from his created path. Benjamin lives to dissolve into the details of his surrounding world and finds peace in the pursuit of co-existence. He’s found his paradise.    

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This is where my favorite parts of the movie glow with radiance – when we get to lose ourselves within beautiful slices of life alongside Benjamin as he drinks in the astonishing nature of it all. He seems just as much an observer as the viewer watching the film. He’s mesmerized by nature’s form. It’s like watching someone fall in love, except with the entire universe instead of just one person. This is Mr. Button’s greatest gift to us; an opportunity to also fall in love with our own universe and give birth to a new reality.                  

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Dive in and enjoy your uniquely magical life and don’t be afraid of any obligations, rules, or authorities, as they don’t really exist.  Like Ben, throughout the film, you are the sole author of the framework in which you define and build your reality. Since you have complete authority to dictate meaning and purpose, trust yourself to sculpt your vision of what the human experience is. You’ve got it right if it looks like paradise.                

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You can stream The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Netflix or rent it on Amazon Prime and iTunes.    

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