Ted Movie Producer Jason Clark Teases Ted 3

Written by: Rachel Goodman – November 24th, 2019 8:19pm PT

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Thunder buddies for life! Our favorite foul-mouthed teddy bear might agree: a little more Ted right now could go a long way in our currently tense climate.

Ted movie producer Jason Clark says a third movie might be a possibility for the future!

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Clark guested on Popcorn Talk Network’s The Film Scene with Illeana Douglas and discussed exceeding expectations for the first Ted movie and how this opened up the possibility for sequels. Clark seemed excited about the possibility of a third and admitted to this being something most likely to happen in the future once the climate called for comedies once again.

The projections [for the first movie] got better and better and then, we ended up having a very big weekend, almost double what they originally thought we would do,” Clark told Douglas. “It went on to be very successful, so immediately um, you know, the studio and everybody said, ‘we really want to do a sequel.’ This is perfect for us to do another one.”

Credit: Universal Pictures

Clark mentioned Seth MacFarlane during the course of his interview with Douglas and how excited MacFarlane was to be part of the making of these movies.

Clark then said of MacFarlane, “I bet he’ll at some point turn his intention to a third one [movie] because Ted is such an incredible character that he’s created. He deserves another movie and Mark [Wahlberg] is so brilliant.”

A little further into their discussion, Douglas brought up a brilliant point about our current demand for comedies. After mentioning she’d seen some brilliant comedies on Netflix that hadn’t done well, she stated certain genres in film seem to pop during certain decades. For instance, her grandfather had once relayed to her that right after World War II people weren’t ready to laugh, seeming to draw a parallel to our current climate. Perhaps in 2019, we’re still not ready for laughter.

Clark agreed with Douglas and implied that a comedy like Ted 3 might have to wait until America’s ready for it.

People haven’t been ready to laugh, and they haven’t been really interested in, in, in funny so you see a lot of good comedies that um, are either shut down because they pushed the border, pushed the line,” Clark admitted. “You know, stepping over the line is part of, I think comedy for me. I, I love to laugh at things that are almost beyond the pale of what is acceptable because it, it’s a way for us to process that.”

Even actors like MacFarlane, typically associated with comedy, are taking on more serious roles which might be linked closer to the superhero genre. MacFarlane has portrayed Captain Ed Mercer on The Orville for two seasons—recently renewed for a third season, which Clark serves as executive producer. Though this show has its comedic moments and we most certainly see MacFarlane’s humor shine through, there’s much more of a dramatic flair that’s reminiscent of the original Star Trek series. 

“The superhero genre is stronger than it’s ever been,” Clark told Douglas. “The horror genre is stronger than it’s ever been.”

Comedy, however, not so much. 

There’s no official announcement for a Ted 3 as of yet, but for now, we can remain hopeful that when the darkness clears, and it always does, we’ll someday get another installment of our favorite foul-mouthed teddy bear. 

During our comedy drought, you can catch The Orville on Fox returning to television sometime in late 2020. Clark’s also executive producer for another contemporary show called Cosmos—a documentary focusing on the laws of nature and space and time.

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