SURPRISE: Legendary Actor John Carroll Lynch is the World’s Biggest Gentleman

Written by: Jeffrey C. Graham – January 27th, 2020 5:26pm PT

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The world’s scariest character actor may actually be one of the world’s nicest guys.

Veteran character actor and director John Carroll Lynch guested on The Film Scene with Illeana Douglas, Douglas’ weekly film podcast hosted exclusively by Popcorn Talk Network. Douglas, as well as her co-host, Jeff Graham, discussed everything from Lynch’s breakout performance in Fargo, to his spine-chilling performance as Twisty the Clown, to what is what like directing Harry Dean Stanton in his final performance.

Speaking of Stanton, Lynch talked about the difficulties of directing the legend so late in his career in his directorial debut feature Lucky.

“We’ve got an 89 year old man, walking four miles, at least four miles, and that’s just frame to frame, for seven hours, eight hours,” said Lynch, “and then on the way home, we drove Harry home…he got a flat tire, and he had to work the next day.”  

Harry Dean Stanton

Lynch is of course known for his breakout role in the Coen brother’s classic Fargo, but Douglas and Graham were shocked to discover that we may be seeing a JCL cameo in an upcoming season of Fargo.

“I had a drunken conversation with Noah Hawley [the creator of FX’s Fargo] after they won at the Emmys. He was very nice, and he was like, man I want you and Fran to be the end of the show, like, they just come on the bed,” revealed Lynch, “and I thought to myself, nobody’s gonna talk Fran into that.”

Fargo. Credit: FX

For you Ryan Murphy fans, the subject of Twisty the Clown inevitably came up, and Lynch described the unpredictability of working in Ryan Murphy’s universe. For those of you who have experienced the wild unpredictability of American Horror Story, you know, that feeling like you have no idea what’s coming next, Lynch feels the same way.

He described the thrill of getting scripts with no preconception of what kind of story they’d be telling, a feeling to which we’re sure AHS fans can relate.

Twisty The Clown. Credit: FX

Make sure to check out Popcorn Talk’s interview with John Caroll Lynch at the link above, and make sure you check out The Film Scene with Illeana Douglas for more incredible interviews. It airs LIVE on Thursdays @ 2p PST, or anywhere podcasts are found.

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