Simple Trick to Find the BEST Baby Yoda Merch

Written by: Chae’ Jones – December 17th, 2019 8:01pm PT

You’re not alone if you’re having a hard time finding Baby Yoda merchandise, and with Christmas a week away, you better act fast.

When searching “Baby Yoda clothes” in Google, many find baby clothes for the original Yoda character.

If you’re surfing the Shop Disney website looking for Baby Yoda clothes, it might be hard to find, too. However, if you type in “the child” after you might strike gold on Baby Yoda t-shirts.

Also, Amazon has a landing page with The Mandelorian merchandise.

You can also make your own Baby Yoda cookies for your Christmas party or you know just for yourself. Washington-based baker, Katy Atakturk recently shared a clever trick on Instagram for creating a Baby Yoda cutout cookie, by cutting off the head of angel cookie cutter.

After baking the cutouts, Atakturk used royal icing, made with dried or pasteurized egg whites, powdered sugar and food coloring, to fill in Yoda’s beige robe, white scarf and big, green head and ears, and used two black nonpareils, also called sugar pearls, for eyes.

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Chae’ Jones is an actress, host, and writer in Los Angeles. She currently hosts Disney News Weekly on Popcorn Talk.

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