Homecoming Showrunners Micah Bloomberg & Eli Horowitz Chat With Illeana Douglas About The Hotly Anticipated Second Season

Written by: Jeff Graham – May 23rd, 2020 12:30am pst


PTN’s The Film Scene with Ileana Douglas: Micah Bloomberg & Eli Horowitz 

Amazon’s new season of Homecoming dropped today, and the streamer is eagerly hoping to ride the coattails of its widely acclaimed first season, starring Julia Roberts. In anticipation of the new season, Emmy-nominated industry veteran and film junkie Illeana Douglas sat down with the co-creators and showrunners, Micah Bloomberg and Eli Horowitz, for a conversation on her podcast The Film Scene.


As the show is an adaptation of a serialized audio drama that initially ran on beloved podcast network Gimlet Media, Douglas first asked about the major considerations when adapting a narrative from audio to television. Bloomberg responded, “The podcast was so much about the audio, in itself, like even the story was generated by how do we tell the story in this weird format…so once we started doing the television show, it felt like taking off a heavy overcoat. It’s all freeing mostly.”

Speaking of format, Douglas sharply observed that the series seems to be frequently paying homage to classic American thrillers, particularly Hitchcock. Horowitz immediately agreed, adding, “The vintage-y feel, especially of season 1, came a lot of our dialogue with Sam Esmail, the director, who is like a TOTAL, devout film nerd…he will drop everything to debate the best Francis Ford Coppola Movie. He definitely saw the Hitchcockian elements of the story, but he was also interested in the way people like Di Palma use the formality of the Hitchcockian era in a way that sort of unsettles the viewer. The opening of season 1 is a great example of that, because it has the score from Dressed to Kill. Sam was fascinated by the meta-layering of that. 


Douglas’ co-host Jeff Graham complimented the pair on the grounded approach to genre writing, an exercise that’s so often mishandled in modern television. Bloomdberg offered “That’s really a function of our collaboration, I tend to be a little bit more into those more genre elements. Those, sort of like, ‘what if we had crazy space storm troopers or something like that!’ Eli’s really good at making sure that the story stays within a realm that an audience member can fathom it, and kind of like, get it. That’s a good view of our two sensibilities.”

Always a film nerd, Douglas made sure to ask about how the series uses filmmaking techniques to ratchet up tension, particularly in its cinematic sensibilities. The writers agreed that the on-screen tension mostly comes down to directors Sam Esmail and Kyle Patrick Alvarez. According to Bloomberg, “ Sam and Kyle are great at establishing tension with very small choices, like where to place the camera, or how long to hold the shot. Both of our directors have the ability to introduce that cinematic tension on top of the mundane.”


Season 2 of Homecoming is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime, and you can catch The Film Scene every Thursday on The Popcorn Talk @ 3p PST, or listen anywhere podcasts are found!

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