Jim Cummings’ second feature picked up by Orion Films and will contain the final performance of Robert Forster.

Written by: Ryan Nilsen – September 8th , 2020 9:04 pm pst

Credit: Deadline

Breakout Filmmaker Jim Cummings’ exploded onto the indie-film scene back in 2018 with his feature Thunder Road and now the Writer/Director’s follow-up film The Wolf of Snow Hollow has a distributor and release date!

Orion Films/MGM has picked the film up and will be available to rent on Video OnDemand and released in select theaters and October 9th. The film stars Riki Lindhome (Big Hero 6: The Series), Jimmy Tatro (American Vandal), and Jim Cummings (Thunder Road) and follows a mountain town police officer investigating a recurring terror that occurs after every full moon. 

It sounds pretty straight-forward, but knowing Cummings’ work we should expect some twists and turns. Currently, there is a Letterboxd page for the film and Cummings himself posted a cryptic comment that supposedly relates to the film.

Credit: Letterboxd

The covered text reads: “I’ll try to keep satisfied  just to walk close by your side maybe you’ll see things my way before we get to grandma’s place”

These are lyrics to the Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs song “Lil’ Red Riding Hood” (available on Spotify) and of course connects to the big bad wolf elements of the film. Maybe we’ll hear the song in the credits!

They say that the second feature is always the biggest hurdle for rising filmmakers because of the expected increase in scale, budget, and star power. However, nearly every early indicator shows this movie is headed to be another hit because of who Cummings is as a filmmaker and the support around him. 

The long-time production company collaborator “Vanishing Angle” (who Cummings also works as VP of Creative Initiatives at) produced the film, guaranteeing an authentic indie-quality that so often lacks in studio films released today. Yes the scale has increased from Thunder Road in that the setting plays a much bigger role. Oscar-nominated veteran performer Robert Forster co-stars in the film bringing the definition of “gravitas” along with him. 

Most indie-filmmakers wait to make their second feature after a massive success, but that is the exact opposite of what Cummings has done. Shooting his next two features back-to-back with The Wolf of Snow Hollow and The Beta Test (co-directed by PJ McCabe). 

Personally, ever since I saw the Thunder Road (short) from 2016, I have been excited for anything Cummings and Vanishing Angle create. You can view the short with the link below! 

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