REVIEW: Rockwell Table and Stage’s A League of Their Own

8/4/19 10:03PM

Written by: Taylor Gates

Do you like baseball? Do you like women? Do you like women who play baseball? Well do we have a show for you! Rockwell Table and Stage, the intimate dinner theater that has brought us unauthorized musical parodies of Troop Beverly Hills and Jurassic Park, has an inspired new parody of A League of Their Own. Sit back and relax as the hilarious cast throws balls over your head and sings about life, love, and baseball in the 1940s. 

The show, served by newcomer director Emma Hunton, is tastefully seasoned, just like the truffle fries we joyfully devoured while watching the show. The side-splitting humor is brought to us by a cast of characters, including the ever-talented, perpetually high-heeled Natalie Masini as the perfect Mensa member Dottie. Her younger bratty kid sister Kit (played by the spunky Amanda Kruger) is also not to be missed. Further, the show has an LGBTQ focus with cast member Gina D’Acciaro playing Marla, the baseball superstar who happens to love women. If you are lucky and a female, you may be selected to be her bride in the show.

The music and showmanship are immaculate, with the cast belting such classics as “Another One Bites The Dust,” “Living on a Prayer,” and even Madonna’s sultry “Like a Prayer.” The harmonies will give you chills. 

A ballpark announcer-style introduction to all the ladies over “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” is a unique and concise way to introduce us to everyone while we bounce in our seats, and a surprisingly sad run-in with a blackbird (you have to see it to understand ittrust us) leads to a beautiful, emotional rendition of The Beatles’ song to end Act I. 

Particular callbacks to the movie, like the “Batter Up” song and references to the actors (“Geena Davis Eyes” to the tune of “Bette Davis Eyes,” anyone?), are sure to please diehard fans. However, even those who have never seen the film are certain to have a good time, as the new spins make it more than able to stand alone. 

During the show, we had the privilege of sipping Marla’s Hooch, which is a delicious combination of Chopin vodka, peach puree, orange juice, and apple juice. Other top-notch choices include The Dugout and No Crying in Baseball. 

In addition to an updated drink menu, Rockwell also has an updated menu for this show, which is baseball themed. While watching the hilarity ensue on stage, audience members can munch on burgers, fries, and even warm cookies and ice cream. 

Run, don’t walk, to see the latest in Rockwell’s UMPO series! A League of their Own is sure to be the perfect outing, whether you’re seeking a girls’ night out or a perfect date spot.