Popcorn Talk Imagines Parasite’s Kim Family In A Pandemic Quarantine As Your Essential Survival Companions With Song Kang-ho as Your Hype Man, Choi Woo-shik as Prince Charming, Park So-dam as your Therapist and Jang Hye-jin as the Master Chef

Written by: Trina Dong – April 22nd, 2020 9:34pm pst

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Quarantine has brought out the best in many of us.  It has also brought out the best in our imaginations, AfterBuzz notwithstanding.   On that note, our ‘AfterBuzz TV’s Imagine _________ in Quarantine’ series has us “IMAGINE” how our favorite fictional characters would fare in Quarantine.  This week we imagine how the Kim family from the movie Parasite.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve received during Quarantine is when 4-time Academy Award winning Parasite became available on Hulu this month. After I re-watched it for the fourth time, it got me thinking, what would the Kim family do in this pandemic quarantine? I know where your minds are going, they’re just going to take everyone out and be the last to survive. While that’s an option, let’s not forget all of the genius planning and ingenuity that it took to take over the lives of an entire opposing household. 

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Song Kang Ho . . . . . Kim Ki-taek

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Kim Ki-taek / Played by Song Kang-ho

Ki-taek is the man of the house and everyone’s personal lowkey hype man. He’s the guy in quarantine telling you how lucky you are to have this time to rest and take care of yourself. Ki-taek is also there for you if you want to take on creative endeavors. He truly believes you can do whatever you put your mind to and if anyone tries to get in your way, he’ll make sure they don’t. 

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Choi Woo Shik . . . . . Kim Ki-woo

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Kim Ki-woo / Played by Choi Woo-shik

Ki-woo is the guy in quarantine that you’re casually talking to on a dating app. After a few deep video conversations of him poetically courting you, suddenly he’s moved into your apartment and you’re in a fairytale isolation romance. Whoa, that happened fast, but it was always in his plan. Afterall, your place has proper cleaning supplies and a stocked fridge. Before you know it, you’re getting married on a video conference with as many people as you can have on the free version of ZOOM. 

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Hye-jin Jang . . . . . Kim Chung-sook

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Kim Chung-sook / Played by Jang Hye-jin 

Chung-sook is your live-in master chef that can make you your favorite, delicious meals under any circumstances in just under eight minutes. As long as you take care of the grocery shopping, she’ll handle the preparation. If your roommate is getting in your way in the kitchen, she’ll get rid of them with one hand while she’s grilling with the other without batting an eyelash. Come to think of it, she’s really your bodyguard that just happens to be a really good cook. 

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Park So Dam . . . . . Kim Ki-jung

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Kim Ki-jung / Played by Park So-dam

Ki-jung holds a very important position in quarantine, your matter of fact therapist. She’s going to watch your every move closely, hear what you have to say then tell you exactly what you need to do to snap out of it. She’ll give you art therapy exercises to work through your anxieties and she’ll even sit with you while you do them. By the time she’s done with you, you’ll be owning your isolation instead of it owning you. 

This is the quarantine house I want to be a part of. I can’t think of a better squad to shack up with during these times than the Kim family. We would just need to make sure to stay on their good side, because we know what happens when you don’t. 

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About The Author:

Trina Dong is a host and writer at AfterBuzz TV. She’s also an actress and screenwriter that can likely be found binge watching anything from the latest K Drama to Floribama Shore.

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