Turner Classic Movies debuts Plot Thickens podcast. Host Ben Mankiewicz sits with iconic, controversial director Peter Bogdanovich to talk hilarious yet shocking meteoric rise, tragic losses and bouncing back from becoming Hollywood’s pariah

Written by: Tami Goveia – May 13th, 2020 10:oopm pst

Roger Corman
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PTN Loves TCM’s the Plot Thickens Podcast

In season one of Turner Classic Movies debut podcast, The Plot Thickens, host Ben Mankiewicz sits down with Peter Bogdanovich, groundbreaking director of The Last Picture Show, What’s Up Doc? and Paper Moon. A raconteur, a non-conformist, and a Renaissance Man, Peter Bogdanovich’s story of success, triumph, failure and tragedy are echoed in his sharp and sometimes wistful career recollections of Hollywood from the late 1960’s into the 21st century.

Below are 3 Takeaways from Episode 2: Target Hollywood 

# 1: All they can do is say no (that didn’t stop Peter Bogdanovich either)

Peter Bogdanovich is and was fearless in whatever he did. While living in New York, he was writing a lot about movies and when the Museum of Modern Art asked him to write an essay on Orson Welles and curate a film series to go along with it he said yes. It was a huge success. He pitched another project to them, this time with director Howard Hawks, saying if he could get Paramount Pictures to finance the project, would they be interested?  Naturally, the museum loved the idea. All he had to do was get it financed by a major studio, secure an interview with one of Classic Hollywood’s greatest directors, (His Girl Friday, The Big Sleep and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) who happened to live in California. The next series of events would lead him to even more exclusive interviews with seemingly impossible gets, like Alfred Hitchcock and Jerry Lewis. (one of his idols) These relationships would support him on more than one level when the decision to move to Los Angeles finally became a reality.

Peter Bogdanovich and Polly Platt
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# 2: WHO you say “yes” to can change your life

Is there really such a thing as “chance meetings?”

There’s a mindset that says every person you encounter provides the opportunity for you to learn, or offers you the possibility for growth. When Peter Bogdanovich, 21, meets Polly Platt, 19 she would become one of his largest influences, his creative co-collaborator and eventual wife and who, just as determined to make movies, heads to Hollywood with him in pursuit of their dreams. Dreams that would come to fruition beyond their wildest imagination.

Roger Corman
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# 3: When opportunity knocks, just open the doggone door.

These series of fortunate opportunities even had Ben Mankiewicz asking, “I’m starting to wonder if Peter is just incredibly lucky or just good at making connections and putting himself in the right situations.” Regardless, a ‘chance’ meeting with Roger Corman put Peter on the radar of one of Hollywood’s greatest low budget movie directors and who was also known for giving some of Hollywood’s greatest directors their first directing jobs. (Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard) When Corman offered Peter the opportunity to be a film apprentice on some of his films, Peter said, yes. Seeing a familiar theme? 

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