Turner Classic Movies debuts Plot Thickens podcast. Host Ben Mankiewicz sits with iconic, controversial director Peter Bogdanovich to talk hilarious yet shocking meteoric rise, tragic losses and bouncing back from becoming Hollywood’s pariah

Written by: Tami Goveia – May 12th, 2020 8:53pm pst

PTN Loves TCM’s the Plot Thickens Podcast

In season one of Turner Classic Movies debut podcast, The Plot Thickens, host Ben Mankiewicz sits down with Peter Bogdanovich, groundbreaking director of The Last Picture Show, What’s Up Doc? and Paper Moon. A raconteur, a non-conformist, and a Renaissance Man, Peter Bogdanovich’s story of success, triumph, failure and tragedy are echoed in his sharp and sometimes wistful career recollections of Hollywood from the late 1960’s into the 21st century.

Below are 3 Takeaways from Episode 1: Bugs and how his fast track to success are life lessons for everyone.

# 1: Success isn’t for the faint of heart

He directed his first film at the age of 27, was an academy award nominee by 32, and industry “It” kid from the get-go. Sound glamorous? Not really.  As Bogdanovich states, “Success is very hard to handle and failure after success is even harder…I became successful early on…that irritates people..jealousy, envy, irritation..I didn’t think I was an arrogant bastard..I certainly had self-confidence.. which I think scares people sometimes…” ~ The Plot Thickens – I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich 

# 2: His passion was directly tied to his humanity.

It’s a cliche for a reason; “Follow your passion.” Bogdanovich’s love of movies is what connected him to others and in Mankiewicz’s words “it’s part of how he understands his own humanity.” What is humanity? “Compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior..” ( Merriam-Webster.com) It’s the ability to love and have compassion.  What better way to live a life than from your heart? His retrospect on a life fueled by his passion for movies doesn’t describe a perfect life, but it certainly tells an authentic one. 

# 3: Life can send you in another direction. Say yes.

Peter Bogdanovich started as a writer. Then he was a writer who interviewed Hollywood titans. Then he segued into acting, studying under the genius, Stella Adler. It was in her class that he got the novel idea of directing some of his fellow actors in a scene that they presented in class to her. It was that moment of saying, “what if?” and “why not?” that completely changed the trajectory of his life. Staying open to possibilities and saying “Yes” to your own instincts instead of overthinking and second guessing oneself is a priceless lesson.

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