Pete Davidson of SNL is a Bad Influence in Big Time Adolescence

Written by: Tara Erickson – March 1st 2020, 9:44am pst

Big Time Adolescence highlights how easy it is when you’re a young budding teen to continuously place yourself in scandalous situations, in the hopes that the adventure of it all will pay off and turn you into someone “cool”. Pete Davidson is big brother Zeke, whose reprehensible behavior is up against little brother Mo’s virtuous vibe (played by Grifffin Gluck) makes for a lot of funny/sad moments.

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As we see Mo try to grow into his own person, he keeps falling back into the wormhole that is Zeke. A wormhole filled with drug-dealing, partying and dating. Pete Davidson does a really great job at playing the kind of guy who will never leave his senioritis mindset behind. Zeke will always be stuck back in school, taping 40’s to his hands and he’ll do it all with a huge side of apathy. You feel for Zeke, because you know there’s an expiration date on his kind of lifestyle, but you also will find yourself screaming inside, “How did he get this way?!”.

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There are times when you want Mo’s parents to step in more, and finally there is a moment where Mo’s Dad (Jon Cryer) confronts Zeke, but the emotional payoff doesn’t feel as strong as what the filmmakers were hoping for.  But the moment does its job plot-wise: it lets us know that if we think Dad has no balls, we are mistaken.  In that scene we see that Mo grew most of his wild courage from hanging with Zeke, but his dad is the one who will ultimately save him from using that courage in all the wrong ways.

There’s a couple of moments where you can see Zeke’s actual brotherly love for Mo and it’s heartwarming, but then it’s always quickly followed up by his obnoxious juvenescence.  Big Time Adolesence shows us that a compulsive  f*ck-up can have a heart, too, and even though his realness can be fleeting, when it shines, it shines in the best way.

There’s a semi-tragic moment in this friendship where we know that when we leave these characters, Zeke will remain forever stuck on his disgusting couch, surrounded by beer cans and cigarette butts, while Mo is finally breaking out of this big time adolescence and into a life where, sadly, Zeke might be left behind.
It’s a coming of age story, with a fresh take, but I wish Mo wasn’t the only one that did the changing.

credit: Hulu/Neon

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