Director James Cameron has verified ‘Avatar 2’ has wrapped live action filming & ‘Avatar 3’ is nearly wrapped!

Written by: Haley Mendoza – September 27th, 2020 4:43 pm pst

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Nearly 11 years after the release of the first Avatar film, director James Cameron has announced that live action filming of the sequel, Avatar 2, has wrapped. 

It’s been an anxious past few years, with fans pressuring Cameron and the franchise for a sequel. A love for the first film left many eager, but the franchise wasn’t in any rush. In fact, production and release dates for Avatar sequels have been delayed since before COVID. 

The 2009 film originally had two sequels scheduled to be released in 2014 and 2016. According to Cameron, the cutting edge technology the sequels are using is the cause of many delays. This was only heightened when production was delayed due to the coronavirus. 

Yet, as of this week Cameron verified that despite COVID implications 100% of live action filming for Avatar 2 has completed. This means that the film will be in its post-production home stretch. With post-production editing being a large part of this film, it isn’t set to release until December of 2022. 

Regardless, fans are thrilled to hear this, and even more thrilled to hear that live action filming of Avatar 3 is also close to being finished. The third movie is currently scheduled to release in 2024, which would mean fans can look forward to a consistent dosage of Avatar. 

But if you thought that was all, you’re wrong!

The franchise has actually planned for a fourth Avatar film as well. Director and mastermind behind it all, James Cameron has gone into more detail about these films in the past year. 

While on Empire Podcast, the director spoke about the main character, Jake Sully, who will go through some intense storylines, alluding to relationship issues and plot twists. 

The official Avatar Twitter account also posted this sneak peek, telling us the new films will not only bring us to the original land of Pandora, but explore new places. 

We here at Afterbuzz can not wait to watch these films. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that there won’t be anymore release delays!


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