Nick Houndslow Teases a 3rd Christmas With A Prince Movie

Written by: Erin Kaswan – December 9th, 2019 8:32pm PT

Fans of UPtv’s Christmas With A Prince and its sequel Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal will be excited to learn that a 3rd film is definitely a possibility!

Nick Houndslow, who plays the titular Prince Alexander Cavalieri, confirmed to AfterBuzz TV’s The Christmas 24-7 Network the film series will most likely continue.

“All I know is that, um, that it’s a potential that it might happen, um, cause like I said earlier we found out that the movie was number one on the network. But not just number one, it was like number one since everything they had on the network since January, and it had over a million people tuning in on premiere night, which was the highest, like, really high numbers, the highest numbers I believe they ever had.”

Nick was blown away by the numbers. 

“It was crazy baffling to me when they told me that, and so they were like ‘we will be coming back for a third.’”

He even teased that a royal baby could be coming in the next installment!

When discussing the possibility of what a 3rd film would entail, Nick said, “we’re a bit, I guess, working on what that’s going to be, but I’m sure there’s a baby involved, or twins!”

Make sure to keep an eye on your TV screens to find out what’s next for the royal couple!

In the meantime, be sure to watch the full interview with Nick on AfterBuzz’s The Christmas 24-7 Network. 

About The Author: Erin Kaswan is a writer for AfterBuzz TV

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