New Morbius Trailer Filled with Surprises

Written by: Christian Bladt – January 14th, 2020 5:44pm PT

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Just days after a photo leaked of Jared Leto as Morbius, Sony has released a trailer for the movie, and SPOILER ALERT, it’s great and I can’t wait for this movie!

Credit: Sony Pictures

Not only does Leto look amazing —  and comic book accurate — as Dr Michael Morbius who turns himself into the vampire anti-hero, but we also see former Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who Matt Smith, who we believe to be the villainous vampire Loxias Crown.

The trailer also features some connections to the MCU, specifically the last two live action Spider-Man films, with some graffiti behind Leto calling Spider-Man a murderer, which COULD be a reference to the end of Spider-Man Far From Home — but — if you look closely, that Spider-Man sure looks more like the Sam Raimi Spidey. Why not the Tom Holland costume?  What does this mean?

Credit: Sony Pictures

An even bigger surprise from the trailer is the appearance of Michael Keaton. Considering his speech about not wanting to be a good guy, it’s a safe assumption that he’s reprising his role as Adrian Toomes, the Vulture, which would be the most concrete connection yet between the so-called Sony-verse and the MCU. This could definitely be setting up The Sinister Six. UNLESS — he’s playing someone else? Who could it be? 

Credit: Sony Pictures

All will be answered when Morbius is released July 31st — unless the internet spoils it first.

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