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iTalk movies is a long-form interview series featuring leading members of the film community. In this episode, our host James Lott Junior interviews Geoffrey Moore on the Popcorn Talk Network.

In 2004 Mr.Moore partnered with William Macdonald creator and executive producer
of the critically acclaimed show "Rome the series" which was a rating success for
HBO and the BBC Winning four Emmy nominations and a golden globe nomination
and four Bafta nominations and and is the largest co-produced series with the
American film market in the BBC's history. They have acquired numerous intellectual
Property rights for the purpose of remakes as Television series and Films.
A number of their catalogue projects are in development.
In 2010 Mr Moore worked at TV7, one of the largest Network based in Eastern
Europe and was responsible for acquisitions of programming for the region.
In 1999,  Geoffrey founded "hush" of Mayfair and created his management group.
Within two years of opening "Hush", Geoffrey's Management Group employed over a
hundred people and soon was controlling four restaurants, one of them being run
overseas. Due to the success of his restaurants, he was asked to appear weekly live
on ITV's British morning Television. That same year he appeared with one of
England's most famous chefs, Gordon Ramsey on his show "Devil's Kitchen".
Mr. Moore first worked in the Entertainment industry  42 years ago where he
appeared as an actor in 1973 in the production of "Dr. Jekyll  and  Mr. Hyde"and
then in 1976 in Sir Arthur Conan Doyles's "Sherlock Holmes" working alongside
Charlotte Rampling and John Huston known for  "The Maltese Falcon", "The Man who
would be king" and "The African Queen" making a superstar out of Humphrey
In total, Geoffrey has worked on 14 films.
As a musician, he secured his first music recording artist deal with EMI working
alongside Mike Rutherford of "Genesis" and with Warner Brothers where he too
collaborated with Rick James, Tina Marie and Dudley Moore  to mention a few.

Geoffrey has an office in Geneva and at Pinewood studios in England.


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