Lacey Chabert and Jonathan Bennett Describe Their Mean Girls Characters As Parents

Written by: Rachel Goodman – November 13th, 2019 5:38pm PT

Mean Girls might be one of the most iconic teen films of the 2000s, and now the voices calling for a reboot are getting louder. With all the other older shows and movies coming back, Lacey Chabert and Jonathan Bennett are revealing what their characters would look like as parents. 

Both spoke with AfterBuzz TV’s The Christmas 24-7 Network about being involved in a potential reboot.

“I love Mean Girls. I mean, it was huge, uh, it was, I mean, it’s become a huge part of my life,” Chabert relayed. “Uh, yeah, if there’s a reboot, of course, a reboot, of course I’d be involved. Um, if Gretchen [Wieners] was a mom, yeah, I always picture that Gretchen probably married Jason [her on-screen boyfriend in the film], she’s running the toaster strudel empire.”

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Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, had some thoughts on what his character’s life might be like, too.

“He would be me! Have you seen me? I dress like a dad now,” he joked. “Like, when I’m not dressed cool, like, I wear dad clothes. He would be like, he would be the epitome of just, a good soccer dad, right? Just like, like a minivan. Like, everyone else drives SUVs, not Aaron Samuels.”

He continued with the joke: “He’s like, minivan, orange slices, Lunchables for everyone, like complete like funny, suburban dad as they come, absolutely.”

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There’s no official word on a Mean Girls reboot, but even talent such as Lindsay Lohan confirmed earlier this year she’d be on board to return. In fact, Lohan reported to the Independent she’d personally asked Lorne Michaels—SNL creator as well as the producer of Mean Girls—to create a sequel. Lohan seemed adamant that no one has asked for this more than her. 

With a Mean Girls musical performing on Broadway since 2017, there’s no denying the ongoing demand for a cult classic that continues to make its round across social media in the form of memes. Even kids not born in 2004, when Mean Girls first released, understand what it means to “be” a Regina George.

For now, if you haven’t seen the hit movie, you can rent it on YouTube, Google Play, or Amazon Prime for only $2.99. So, seriously, what are you waiting for? Be “fetch”—Gretchen Wieners word, not mine—and go out and grab the film! While you’re at it, be sure to check out the AfterBuzz TV interviews with both Chabert and Bennett.

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