Weeks after the announcement that The Snyder Cut is getting a release with HBOmax, Director Zack Snyder calls Cyborg actor Ray Fisher the heart of his movie

Written by: Ryan Nilsen – June 9th, 2020 9:32pm pst

The extremely heartwarming twitter exchange occurred on Saturday, when Ray Fisher tweeted at Chris Terrio and Zack Snyder thanking them for casting him as Cyborg in the DC Universe. The tweet read:

Coming from a theatre background, Fisher had little to no film experience before being cast as Cyborg in Batman v. Superman and Justice League. It was just three weeks ago that the entire world learned Zack Snyder’s Director’s cut of Justice League will be seeing the light of day on HBOmax in the summer of 2021. The cut will supposedly be three and a half hours or released in a 4-part hour long mini series! These hours of additional footage will hopefully provide more character development and plot to the Justice League team that lacked in the 2017-zombie-Joss Whedon version. Zack replied to Fishers’ tweet saying “You Ray, are the heart of my movie.”

For a couple months now, Snyder has alluded to the idea that Cyborg played a much bigger role in his cut than what we ultimately got. Now Zack has gone as far as to say that Cyborg was the heart of the movie. Seeing Zack say that the actor Ray himself is the heart of his movie, gave the fans ALL OF THE FEELS and truly shows how tight this creative team was. The photo Fisher shared was of Victor Stone in a letterman jacket looking back at a past version of himself with his parents. In the comics, Victor Stone’s mother parishes when an experiment involving dimensional travel goes awry and a gelatinous monster crosses over and kills Victor’s mother, Silas Stone. We believe this leaked snippet of footage from Snyder’s cut may show a version of these events play out (see image below).

Credit: Vero

We can not wait to see the Snyder Cut on HBOmax next year, and look forward to all of the future heartwarming twitter exchanges and promo from the Snyder Cut cast and crew!

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