Jussie Smollett is making his film directorial debut with the adaptation ‘B-Boy Blue,’ as his first big project since his scandal.

Written by: Natalie Benoit – October 14th, 2020 3:36 pm pst

Jussie Smollett To Direct Film Adaptation of B-Boy Blues

Credit: Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett made headlines over a year ago when he told police officers he was allegedly attacked around his Chicago apartment by two masked assailants. An investigation into the racist and homophobic incident found Smollett had a role in orchestrating the assault, and he quickly faced backlash. Now the 38-year-old actor, who was dropped from the Fox series Empire in 2019 due to the incident, is attempting to find his way back into the entertainment industry. 

Smollett is making his directorial debut with the feature film B-Boy Blues. It’s an adaptation of writer James Earl Hardy’s classic 1994 novel by the same name. The movie is expected to begin production this weekend on Oct. 17 in New York City. 

The news comes as a surprise to many since a number of television shows and films have halted or canceled production because of safety concerns with COVID-19. Smollett also still faces legal charges and lawsuits for the alleged attack he helped organize. 

The former Empire actor previously directed two episodes of the program in 2018. His new SuperMassive Movies, a production subsidiary of his Story Worthy Pictures banner, is producing the adaptation. The recently-formed SuperMassive Movies raised seven figures with help from the Cleveland-based radio broadcast investor Tom Wilson. The budget raised will finance the low-budget project. Smollet is set to direct and produce.

Even though he maintains his innocence, Smollett is still considered guilty in the court of public opinion. His return behind the camera, as opposed to an on-screen role, has been met with a variety of reactions and criticisms. 

One of the other co-producers of the B-Boy Blues adaptation, Sampson McCormick, tweeted he was happy to help retell the “legendary black gay love story,” with Smollett and Frank Gatson. McCormick is a Black, queer stand-up comedian and filmmaker who says “our stories matter.   

Jussie Smollett’s younger brother, Jake, applauded his brother’s new film opportunity. Many in the comment section congratulated the elder brother too. 

Others who have read the book are waiting to see how the film brings B-Boy Blues to life on screen. However, most people, especially on Twitter, are critical of Smollett’s return to the business and question his place in the director’s chair.  

What are your thoughts on Smollett directing the adaptation of the classic novel? Should the world welcome him back into the entertainment industry? 

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