Josh Gad and his new YouTube show Reunited Apart with Josh Gad reunites the casts of some of our all time favorite films for a sweet escape Back to the Future

Written by: Tami Goveia – May 15th, 2020 5:40pm pst

PTN Loves Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

Coming off the heels of his debut show The Goonies Are Back with Josh Gad that reunited the cast of The Goonies, Josh has broken the sound barrier at 88 miles per hour with his next trip down memory lane by taking another of his all-time favorite films and reuniting its cast for a good cause. Fasten your seatbelts. You’re going Back to the Future.

Episode 2: It’s Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

My cheeks hurt.  From the first second of this show until well after its end I smiled so hard that I think I broke my cheeks. Josh Gad broke my cheeks.  “It’s a movie that remains timeless despite being very much all about time.” Did you write that Josh? Because that reflection on Back to the Future is so profound I think it blew a silicon chip in my head. 

We are revisiting 1985 and a film that many have called ‘Perfect.’ The moment Christopher Lloyd appeared on the screen to join Josh, when I heard his voice, everything suddenly seemed right with the world. Then Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Elisabeth Shue, Robert Zemekis, Bob Gale, Mary Steenburgen and the men responsible for the sound of the film, which is as much of a star in it as the formidable cast, Huey Lewis and Alan Silvestri. The power emanating from the cast equaled the CRM-114 amplifier in Dr. Emmett Brown’s garage. When super fan, J.J. Abrams, who completely geeked out, joins the panel, when you learn behind the scenes trivia that even the cast didn’t know about and hear the Back to the Future’s Broadway cast perform Power of Love, your cheeks will break too. It is truly about the power of love. The power of nostalgia.  The power of art. The power of film. 

This episode spotlights the charity Project Hope which has thus far raised a little over $14,000! Enjoy It’s Time To Go Back To The Future reunion and if you can, donate to an organization that is  “dedicated to placing power in the hands of local health care workers to save lives across the globe.” Now more than ever, these organizations who are on the front line every day saving lives, need our support.  

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Tami Goveia is a producer, writer and entertainment host for AfterbuzzTV. Classic film and television are her passion, napping is her indulgence and saving all rescues is her mission.

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