Jason Ritter’s Proposal Story Could Rival Kristoff and Anna’s in Frozen 2

Written by: Chae’ Jones – March 1st 2020, 3:50pm pst

Frozen 2 has made history by being the highest grossing animation film of all time, even bypassing the original film. But Jason Ritter might make history as having one of the best awkward-yet-we-can’t-help-but-sigh-“aw”-heart-eyes-emoji engagement proposal stories ever!

credit: Instagram/ Jason Ritter

I sat with Frozen 2 star Jason Ritter at the AfterBuzz TV studios for Popcorn Talk to talk with the actor about his character Ryder, the magic of Frozen 2, how he proposed to his now wife, actress Melanie Lynskey and it might surprise you just how much it mirrors Kristoff’s attempts Anna in the movie.

In Frozen 2, Kristoff spends a lot of time trying to come up with the right words to say to Anna but it either keeps being misunderstood, they are always interrupted by someone else or when he does come up with this most elaborate proposal ever the wrong person walks in the middle of it and turns it down.

credit: Disney

Depending on the person you are with and what they like, whether it’s a big or small gesture proposal, these stories are what you’ll tell at parties, your wedding reception and to your future kids, but for Jason his proposal story falls into neither category.

“There was a lot of sweat. It was around the holidays, I had gotten her the ring and it was just kinda like the tell-tale heart playing, hearing it in the dresser, and I was like it’s there, it’s there. I just at one point said, (in a rushed, nervous tone)`Do you want a Christmas present, early Christmas present?”

He goes on to tell us about the saleslady putting the ring in a bag and then placing it into a box, but not an actual ring box. “So I gave her the box like this, and she opened and pulled it out and pulled out this little bag with a ring in it and she was like, ‘What is this?’

“Alright so, hear me out.  This ring is a symbol. I started really rambling and I thought I was really doing well and chipping away at my honest proposal and at a certain point she said, ‘Oh sorry gosh, for a second I thought you were proposing to me.’ And I’m like…I am.”

“I don’t think I ever got down on one knee. It was all just sitting on a couch next to each other. Like, I didn’t expect to give it to you right here this minute but here’s just what I think about us and life and marriage and all this stuff. Because it was not the most epic gesture, I’ve proposed to her a couple of times to try and make it better for her.”

credit: Disney

All that matters in the end is being able to marry the person you love and spending your life with them, and with the happy smile on Ritter’s face as he tells this story, it’s obvious that he found his happily ever after!

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