Jason Mewes Shares Why Kevin Smith Cast Him in Clerks

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7/31/19 8:32AM

Clerks has become a cult classic since it came out 25 years ago in 1994, and now we’re learning why one of the movie’s main characters was cast.

Jason Mewes, who plays Jay in the film, sat down with Popcorn Talk Network and shared what made Kevin Smith want to include him as a staple role.

“They [Smith, Walt Flanigan, and Brian Johnson] thought I was obnoxious and weird and had this funny sense of humor for a fourteen year old fifteen year old. Um, and he’s like I think you’re funny but I wonder if someone in San Diego will find you funny or if someone in Texas will find you funny,” shared Mewes.

Flanigan and Johnson were the creators behind Comic Book Men, and when everyone hung out together, they thought Mewes was hilarious.

“So when he wrote Clerks he’s like, I wrote a character based on you because I want to see what other people find you funny and- and- weird and stuff. So that’s why he wrote Jay,” revealed Mewes.

Needless to say, everyone else loved Jay in the movie, and in Clerks 2, the sequel. Smith and Mewes have also gone on to star in several Jay and Silent Bob movies.

Now, Mewes has a movie of his own coming out, Madness in the Method, also starring Smith, as well as Stan Lee, Gina Carano, Teri Hatcher, Danny Trejo, Dean Cain, and Popcorn Talk Network’s own, Roxy Striar!

Madness in the Method follows Mewes attempt to take up method acting in order to establish more credibility in Hollywood. As the title suggests, that method slowly drives Mewes into madness.

The movie premieres August 2nd in theaters across the country as well as video on demand.

To watch the full interview with Mewes and other from Madness in the Method, click the link above!