Rising star Jack Kane is talking about his new horror film ‘Shortcut’, plus spills a little tea on what you can expect when The A List returns for season 2

Written by: Benny J. Adams – September 24th, 2020 12:25pm pst

Courtesy: Jack Kane

If you’re looking for a new horror film that will  keep you on the edge of your seat then you have to check out Shortcut.  

Star of  Netflix’s The A list, Jack Kane, plays Nolan in the film and he talked with AfterBuzz TV about what to expect when it comes to the new thriller, plus he gives us the dish on season 2 of The A List.

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The film, directed by Alessio Liguori and written by Daniele Cosci , opens in theaters on Friday. It follows a group of classmates trapped on a broken down school bus after a mysterious creature invades the road. 

Kane plays Nolan, one of the student’s  trapped on the bus, he describes Nolan as someone who might be the quiet type, but that you shouldn’t let that fool you.

“Nolan is one of the people that I think you would look at and not always know what was going through his head, but knowing that there’s definitely something going on through his head.” Said Kane. “Throughout the story he definitely opens up to the group more, and voices a lot of the ideas that he’s been keeping down. As he builds in  confidence he definitely plays an important part in solving the mystery.”

This isn’t your typical horror film. Filming mostly took place on a bus, and even though it was a unique experience, at times it was a little challenging for the cast and crew. 

“I think we all started to go a little bit crazy because we were getting up so early getting on the bus, and then being on the bus for maybe 3 weeks straight, not doing anything else. We all started to find things that were really not funny whatsoever.” explained Kane. “I think the real trouble mainly was not for the actors because we could kind of stand up in our respected zones, and do whatever, but I think the crew were the ones I felt bad for because they were stuck into these tight spaces trying to get the right shot.”.

Along with nail biting suspense, and classic horror; the film also delivers an important message viewers can take away. 

“There’s a strong message of everyone in the group putting any biases that they have towards the people at the beginning. It has an important message to take with you, You don’t know what everyone is going through at every point in time.” 

Shortcut isn’t the only project Jack has under his belt, he’s already started filming season two  of The A List, and  if you thought season one was good, then you’re in for a special treat when the series makes its return. 

Credit: Netflix

“There’s a lot more drama, there’s a lot of things that  were in season 1 that you think were possibly the answer to things that may be incorrect. A Lot of the characters that you trust, you suddenly can’t trust. You also get to look forward to a new sort of location and a new style of things that are going to happen.” Explained Kane. 

Kane has an exciting and long career ahead of him, the rising star will also be a part of an upcoming Nickelodeon series next year, as well as another feature film. He says he gets his inspiration from a variety of actors.

“Since I was young the person that I met that I wanted to work with was James Macavoy. I love everything that he’s been in. I’d also love to work with Samuel L. Jackson.” 

Make sure you check out Shortcut hitting theaters on Friday. You can also stream season one of The A list right now on Netflix! 


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