Here For Vin Diesel As Bloodshot: a Popcorn Talk Review

Written by: Steph Sabraw – March 13th 2020, 11:05am  pst

Vin Diesel as Bloodshot makes a point: there are some movie stars that you want to see embody a superhero, or in this case an anti-hero role. A movie with good action, cool characters and some exciting twists and turns is really all I ask for, given the current state of world affairs. In a time where Coronavirus is sweeping the globe, I want to believe in the idea of my blood being replaced by nanites that give me the power of instant regeneration. If you disagree, you’re lying and we’ll address that later.

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Anyways, this movie will attract fans of Vin Diesel and the comic book on which it is based, but it’s really an enjoyable watch for everyone. Director David S.F. Wilson has worked in the video game world before and it shows. It almost feels like you’re in a virtual reality video game, except the catch is, not even the main player (Ray Garrison) has control. The movie has a lot of funny moments and is pretty self-aware. It was unafraid to make fun of the classic action/superhero cliches and each character featured.

We knew Vin Diesel would be excellent, but seeing him in this role, in the theater, was an experience that I highly recommend. It felt different from his past roles, while still playing to his strengths. From Groot to Bloodshot, we may have a new comic book sheriff in town!

From the trailer we understand that Ray Garrison (Diesel) is a military operative who comes home from top-secret missions to the love of his life Gina (Talulah Riley), until his maniac enemies change that. Ray wakes up with his memories erased after his apparent death and is greeted by scientist (Guy Pearce) who explains what his body is now made of and capable of.

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Ray is then introduced to a Suicide Squad-esque group of misfits, ex-soldiers who have had their “scars” turned into super abilities. KT (Eiza González) is the most sensible of the group and she’s also a badass. González definitely gave me some Lara Croft vibes. There’s also Jimmy Dalton (Sam Heughan) who was almost too good at being such a dick. I think I would give him the side eye in person because I wouldn’t be able to separate him from his on-screen character. Sorry.

However, my favorite character that Ray is introduced to is an English hacker named Wilfred Wigans (Lamorne Morris). He’s hilarious and will make you want to order Chinese food, and also take up a coding class because by the end of the movie you will be convinced that it is, in fact, a superpower. If there’s more to come in the Bloodshot world, I hope it features a Batman & Robin relationship between Ray and Wilfred.

No mask, no cape…I dig it.

More Bloodshot please!

Bloodshot opens in wide release on Friday, March 13.

credit: SONY

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