Heathers’ Writer Shares BIG Tip for Character Creation

Written by: Benny Adams – November 11th, 2019 7:42am PT

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Halloween has come and gone, but for screenwriter and director Daniel Waters, the festive celebration is always on his mind. 

Walters, who wrote the 1988 film Heathers,recently sat down with Popcorn Talk Network to discuss how Halloween inspires his characters. 

“I’ll drop jewels from time to time of writers, but when you’re writing think of the Halloween costume, if the movie’s really going to be a success and a cult item you gotta have a good Halloween costume.” Said Walters. 

Heathers, which was directed by Michael Lehmann, instantly became a cult classic, earning more than one million dollars in just over five weeks, but the iconic fashion we’ve all come to know and love almost did not see the light of day. 

“I think Michael Lehmann wanted a little more what are the kids wearing now and then eventually we came around and well, what if we’re making The Conformist and not The Breakfast Club, let’s over-do the uniforms a bit” Walters said. 

The film introduced moviegoers to stars such as Shannon Doherty and Winona Ryder, while the popularity of the movie even resulted in a musical and a television series reboot. 

There’s also some exciting news for fans. The film is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and on November 12th a Heathers Steelbook 30th anniversary will be released on Blu-ray and DVD. 

Since Heathers, Walters has written and directed many films including Batman Returns, Happy Campers, and Vampire Academy

For more on Heathers and Walters, career check out the entire interview on Popcorn Talk Network above!

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