Harley Quinn Showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker Tease Comedic Side to Bruce Wayne in Season Two with Message to Batman and Joker: It’s Not Your Show!

Written by: Ryan Nilsen – April 3rd, 2020 10:00pm pst

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Writers of the Harley Quinn Animated Series on DC Universe Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker guested on Popcorn Talk Network’s DC Movie News to talk about Season 2 premiering April 3rd.

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The highly acclaimed series focuses primarily on Harley but features a loads of players from the Batman roster including the caped crusader himself here and there throughout season 1. When asked what we could expect from Bats in season 2 Patrick had this to say:

“Bruce is a part of Season 2 and -uh we get to play into his sorta petulance when it comes to wanting to get back into the field and playing superhero in Gotham, saving the city even though he should be uh recuperating, um from having been- uh ya know put into a coma at the end of season 1… There’s a bit of friendly antagonism between Bruce and Alfred voiced by Tom Hollander whose dry wit is hilarious.”

Credit: DC Universe

In regards to how they decide to feature famous lead characters like Batman and Joker, Justin Halpern had this much to say:

“That was probably the biggest discussion. What we sorta realized early on was that if you have Batman in a scene or you have Joker in a scene, they tend to be the focus of the scene and so we wanted them- our our sorta rule was like they only exist in so much as how the effect Harley and her story… These guys can show up, but it’s not their show.”

You can see the first episode of season 2 right now streaming on DC Universe!

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