Director of THE HUNT Craig Zobel On Film’s In-Home Premiere

Director of The Hunt on The Long Road to the Film’s Release Against COVID19 & President Trump

Written by: Bryant Santos – March 30th 2020, 3:23pm pst

Guilty Movie Pleasures sat down with Director Craig Zobel and he shared his unique thoughts about his film The Hunt, its delayed release (thanks to @realDonaldTrump),  and how that release ended up happening on the small screen.

credit: Universal Pictures

“We started with, like, ‘CANCELLED!’, by a tweet from the President. We come back on. And then we’re cancelled by a global pandemic”, he shared with a chuckle.

This tweet that Craig is alluding to is the mind-blowing tweet from Donald J. Trump that came a few days after shooting massacres in Ohio and Texas that tragically killed 31 people and injured many more. The tweet from President Trump targeted the film as a cause and referred to it as a movie “made in order to inflame and cause chaos”. Zobel recalled the moment he heard about Trump’s tweet saying:

“Ike Berinholtz … called me on my phone and said hey I think the President just tweeted about us.”

credit: Universal Pictures

The original release was suppose to be September 27th and was pushed to March 13th only to collide with the current pandemic of COVID-19. In response to the mostly negative national attention the film was getting, Zobel said:

“We all were kinda like okay. I guess we need to take a time out and and figure out how to how to release the movie… after that, I was always, like, as soon as people see this they’ll see that it’s like a midnight movie. That was like the point, ya know it’s like a midnight movie and then we should all be like laughing- hopefully like enjoying ourselves…the point was to like make a silly thing. And I’ve made serious movies before. I swear I know how to make a serious version of that.”

Craig also wasn’t shy in sharing his thoughts on the film’s recent release on the small screen, as opposed to in theaters, due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s a strange day in the fact that I don’t want to be like ‘Yeah everybody finally got to see my movie!’  At the same time, I do give a shit about movie theaters and I worry about the president and…I don’t want movie theaters to go away. But, for me, as for the things that happened to this movie, I’m like… thank you. Please, anyone who wants to help the movie. Fine. Free? Cool. Whatever. Great.”

The Hunt’s director also discussed how the movie’s plot and message was misconstrued by “bad people”, and this contributed to the movie’s delay.

credit: Universal Pictures

“Once it was clear that there were, like, bad people kinda saying bad things about the release of the movie that we all felt like were not appropriate, so it’s sorta like- in our own hearts…’Release the movie if there are people saying that stuff.’

Throughout the interview, it was clear that Craig was drunk with happiness that this exciting and irreverent project finally got to see the light of day, even though we all aren’t quite seeing the light of day while watching it quarantined at home.

Catch Craig’s full interview here and if you run fast enough, you can also catch The Hunt while it is still available on demand.

Guilty Movie Pleasures is hosted by Ben Begley, Jesse McIntosh, and Ryan Nilsen.

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