Creepshow and Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero on his love for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and the dedication of horror fans

Written by: Katie Kawamoto – June 3rd, 2020 3:23pm pst

The Scare Guy Featuring Special Guest Greg Nicotero 

The Scare Guy and Popcorn Talk recently sat down for a Zoom chat with the man behind the shows, The Walking Dead and Creepshow, Greg Nicotero. The interview focused on all things pertaining to the horror genre and lifestyle. Due to the fact that The Scare Guy loves horror and the events that surround the genre, we decided to ask Nicotero about the much beloved Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights event that happens every Halloween season in both Orlando and Hollywood. 

When asked if he has been through the mazes for his shows, Nicotero responded saying, “Yes, I am a huge Horror Nights fan. I was going to Halloween Horror Nights when it first started.  I would go to the ones in Orlando.” Although he did mention his collaborations working with Universal to create his mazes, he also praised the event saying, “Halloween Horror Nights is an amazing institution. The Alien vs. Predator maze I remember walking around the corner and seeing the full size alien and my mouth dropped.”

Since both Walking Dead and Creepshow have had mazes at Horror Nights, The Scare Guy wanted to know what it’s like to have a show be turned into a maze. Nicotero responded with, “When it came time to do a Creepshow maze, I was thrilled beyond words that Creepshow was going to be a maze. I think it has the perfect aesthetic for Horror Nights, because you can draw a big comic book and then walk through and you’re in the story.  I was really proud of it.”  He also mentioned something I think many horror and Horror Nights fans alike would be happy to hear saying, “I’m excited about the fact that I think we’re going to do it in Orlando this year, maybe.”

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The interview about Horror Nights concluded with Nicotero speaking about the dedication of horror fans to which he said, “ There’s something so unique about horror fans in general.  It’s not just enough that you can just go see the movie. Horror fans will go to Martha’s vineyard where they shot Jaws, they’ll go to where they shot Dawn of the Dead. There’s such a level of dedication that horror fans exhibit, above and beyond any other genre.  Part of the fun with Horror Nights is, you get to walk in, and stand in the same room where Micheal Myers was or where Frankenstien meets the Wolf Man. I think it’s a really unique experience.”

For the whole interview with Greg Nicotero, click the link below. Be sure to check out Creepshow Season 1 on BluRay and DVD available now. 

Interview by Jim Frye, Luke Cheesman and Katie Kawamoto

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