Frozen 2 star Jason Ritter Talks How He Overcame His Fear and Booked the Journey of a Lifetime

Written by: Chae’ Jones – February 27th 2020, 10:15am pst

Frozen 2 has made history by being the highest grossing animation film of all time even bypassing the original Frozen movie. Not only that but it also broke November movies sales with gaining over $130 million dollars in a five day holiday weekend.

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I sat with Frozen 2 star Jason Ritter at the AfterBuzz TV studios for Popcorn Talk to talk with the actor about his character Ryder, the magic of Frozen, how he proposed to his wife, Melanie, and how it mirrors Kristoff’s attempts to woo Anna.

When asked what it was like being a part of this global phenomenon that is Frozen, the actor replied, “It was very exciting. The whole audition process was a real personal journey for me. Cause it was the first time I ever had to sing in an audition and I almost didn’t go in for the first audition because I was too scared.”

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Ritter (the son of the late TV and filmstar John Ritter) is an Emmy nominated actor in his own right and has been involved in many high profile projects, like acting as the voice of Dipper Pines in Disney’s Gravity Falls. Nonetheless, the caliber of vocal talent that Disney was bringing to Frozen 2 gave him stagefright.

Ritter wasn’t going to let fear stop him though. “I was filled with insecurities and then I thought well, why don’t, instead of me saying no, why don’t I go in and try it and let them say no to me. And at least I conquered this fear of going in and auditioning.”

Our mental borders or blocks that stop us from going after opportunities are manifestations of our fear.

“I continue to have a little rule for myself and my life that if i’m not just going to do something because I’m just scared of being embarrassed or scared of just sort of general social shame and I force myself to do it anyway and I see what happens. Being embarrassed is not so bad.” Ritter stated.

Jason Ritter’s step beyond fear turned out to be the journey of a lifetime.

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If you’re wondering what song he sang for the audition, watch the FULL interview, click HERE.

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