Here are five reasons to watch the new Netflix film ‘Enola Holmes’ starring Millie Bobby Brown!

Written by: Olivia Campus – September 24th, 2020 10:15pm pst

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Enola Holmes starring Millie Bobby Brown is now streaming on Netflix and is a must-watch for everyone! With its women empowerment themes and Millie’s character Enola being a total overall badass, here are five reasons to watch Enola Holmes

Number One: Mille not only starred in the film but also produced it. 

The young star helped produce Enola Holmes alongside her sister Paige Brown. This was the sisters’ first time producing a feature film. 

“It was empowering. I mean, there’s a set of nerves that come with it, just because you have experienced producers that are on your set and you just have to kind of fit in somehow. But I had a great team, a crew that made me feel so comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas.” Said Millie in an interview with Variety. 

Number Two: Millie performed all her stunts in the film. 

Throughout the film, we see Enola get into various fight scenes while searching for her missing mother, who is played by Helena Bonham Carter. Millie spent two months learning martial arts to perform her own stunts, and she did it all while wearing a corset! 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Millie said, “It’s hard navigating the choreography that you’ve learned so well in your trainers and your leggings and then switching up and putting an underskirt on, a skirt over that, a corset, then you have your petticoat, then you have your long socks, then you have your heels…”

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Number Three: The romance in the film didn’t distract from the main plot.

Along with Enola’s search for her disappearing mother, she meets a young boy named Lord Viscount Tewksbury, played by actor Louis Partridge. 

Yet her love interest within the film doesn’t take away from the main plot but instead adds to it. We see Enola be the one to save Lord Viscount when he’s in danger. 

Number Four: The film is all about women empowerment. 

Millie’s character Enola isn’t afraid to speak up for herself and fight for what she believes in. The film takes place in a time when society dictated how a woman should be, but Enola goes against those odds and creates her own path. 

“There’s a big message of feminism within the film, talking about how women were classed as uneducated back in the 1800s, and Enola was extremely educated, and so is her mother. She’s going into the city of London, where women aren’t listened to, nor respected, nor looked at as an equal. Enola is coming into it, thinking, “How? Why?” She’s a new thinker; she’s a wild child. There’s so many messages in there that you have to look for and find your one, but mine is definitely the biggest message of all, which was feminism.” Said Millie in an interview with Variety. 

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Number Five: It’s an overall feel-good movie. 

One thing that is for sure is Enola Holmes is a feel-good movie that will lift your spirits. Enola is a new type of hero that can inspire other young women alike. Overall, Enola Holmes should be on your top watch Netflix list. 

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