BTS’ feature length documentary, ‘Break the Silence: The Movie’ has been released in all theater markets & we’re taking a look at fan reactions to the film.

Written by: Haley Mendoza – September 25th, 2020 8:35 pm pst

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On September 24th BTS’ feature length documentary, Break the Silence: The Movie, hit U.S. and Korean theaters. 

The film has already been released in some markets, but fans in various other countries have been eagerly awaiting. After rescheduling premiere dates due to the coronavirus and figuring out what theaters will carry the film, the movie was able to see its day on screen.

This is the fourth BTS film to ever be made, yet, this documentary is different from others as it follows the band’s first ever international tour. The film peeks behind the curtain of each band member’s life. Diving head first into subjects such as mental health, this feature is said to be intimate and real.  

With this monumental BTS piece being released, you might be wondering if it is worth the watch. 

Well, who better to ask than the BTS Army themselves?

This fan remarks that the newest film is “phenomenal.” They recommend heading to a theater to watch, so long as it is safe in your area. 

Another diehard fan recounts their entire experience, from start to finish, of seeing the film. Even going so far as to describe it as “one of the most memorable days” of their life. 

Could this movie make you fall in love with BTS…again? For this fan it did. 

Another fan in Hong Kong made friends at the theater, receiving pins and candies to celebrate “Dynamite” hitting number one on the Billboard Music Charts! 

Here, someone thanks band member, Jimin, directly for speaking unfiltered. A side of the star fans might not always be able to see!

It’s pretty clear that if you ask the BTS Army, the newest documentary is more than worth the watch. 

Ticket sales also reflect the film’s presence, as sales in Korea skyrocketed to #1 after just a day of the film being released. 

If you do decide to find a theater playing the film, stay safe and wear a mask!


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